Saturday, September 17, 2011

Twenty Churches

Here is a Google Maps image with all 20 Churches within the city limits of Mountain Home, Idaho:
(click on map for a larger image)
1. First Congregational
2.  First Southern Baptist
3.  Faith Lutheran
4.  LDS
5.  Nazarene
6.  Independent Baptist
7.  Church of Christ
8.  No Limits Christian Ministries, Inc.
9.  River of Life
10.  Grace Lutheran
11.  Calvary Chapel
12.  St James Episcopal
13.  Christian and Baptist
14.  Open Door Chrisitian Fellowship
15. Bible Baptist Church
16. Seventh Day Adventist
17. Our Lady of Good Counsel Catholic
18.  Love Abiding
19.  The Rock
20.  LDS Stake Center

We'll analyze the fiscal impact these 19 tax exempt organizations have on the infrastructure and the tax base of the City Of Mountain Home in another post.  


  1. Geoff you say 19 are exempt but you have 20 on your list. So which organization is not exempt?

  2. I guess I should clarify what tax exemption I'm talking about, which for this topic is property tax exemptions. While No Limits Christian Ministries, Inc. is 501(c)3 tax exempt, it is not property tax exempt as they aren't yet the owners of the property.