Monday, September 5, 2011

The Actual Check- Payable to Chicago-based Mauck and Baker Law Firm

Two things for this Monday: first, there appears to be some confusion over the amount of money the City had to pay.  Here is a copy of the actual check, FedExed to the Chicago-based law firm of Mauck and Baker:
Second, I think it is significant that the expensive (claimed rate of $600 per hour) attorney in this case, John Mauck, was also, according to the Chicago law firm's website, "instrumental in originating parts of the Religious Land Use and Institutionalized Persons Act of 2000..."- the very legislation under which his firm brought the suit on behalf of No Limits Christian Ministries, Incorporated.

Look again at the check above, realizing that 61% of the total, $37,040.11, went to the Chicago law firm whose senior partner, John Mauck, was "integral in the enactment of RLUIPA", while "only" $24,000.00 went to No Limits Chrisitian Ministries, Inc.
Get the picture?  Well, here's one:
Chicago Attorney John Mauck, "instrumental in originating" the law that just gained his firm $37,040.11
I'd smile too, if I'd just gotten a check fo $37,040.11 as a result of a law I was instrumental in originating.  Bravo?


  1. Maybe John Mauck won't cash the check in a last ditch effort to do what's right. But it's more likely the earth might start rotating around the moon.

    Geoff, thanks for the clarification on this issue and the whole lawsuit in general. I suspect there are still a few more tidbits out there you're just itching to make public? Looking forward to your next post.

  2. Honestly Geoff where everyone is getting the 81k the mayor quoted that price in the last city council meeting and the Mountain Home News was right there. The mayor also said that was a rough estimate with the city's legal fees to be included.

  3. Thanks for the comment, Jimmy. You're correct, it was an estimate the mayor used initially so we could have an idea where we might end up budget-wise. That has since been shown to be less, so I think it's important people know what the actual amount is and that the 81 was just an estimate. It looks like it's going to be one of those Urban Legends, in the "being born" stage right now, so I thought I'd offer that clarification.

  4. Incredible that an institution that claims to minister to local citizens including military sues the very people (taxpayers) it claims to support. The name fits: No Limits - especially in integrity and Christianity. Kudos to "our" former mayor for subverting our beloved City through the City attorney. The voters saw him for what he was and cast the correct vote during his reelection campaign. How pompous and arrogant?